Immersive projects about Ukraine

Magic Innovations is recognized as one of the best multimedia studios in the world. We develop and implement large-scale immersive projects for international agencies, well-known brands, large-scale shows, and influential private clients. But our favorite works are dedicated to Ukraine: its brave struggle, incredible history, and outstanding achievements. To realize our ideas, we combined a number of immersive technologies, including 3D mapping, holograms, and graphic projections.


An incredible 3D show for the America’s Got Talent television project 


On August 23, 2023, an incredible performance took place on the main stage of America’s Got Talent, captivating the discerning American audience. The Magic Innovations team, together with Ukrainian choreographer Oleksandr Leshchenko, prepared a unique performance that combined holography, dance, and an important message to the foreign audience. The composition was based on the Ukrainian folk tale “Kotygoroshko”, where the main character fights against an insidious snake that takes away people’s territories and freedom. Highly professional 3D graphics, a dynamic and exciting storyline, and powerful holographic technology created an expressive augmented reality that could influence the worldview. The viewers got an amazing immersive experience! This heartbreaking story about courage, indomitability and the victory of good over evil received 4 “yes” votes from the jury and made it to the final.



Grand immersive show of Ukraine to the universe


Who are we, where are we going, what is our peculiarity? The 15-minute immersive work, which illustrates the history of Ukraine from ancient times to the present, is dedicated to finding answers to these important questions for everyone. Innovative technologies and a modern look at traditional things are the main features of this large-scale immersive project. Magic Innovations has created professional 360° projections and high-quality animation that intertwine ancient and modern symbols, legends, and images of the future. The audience embarks on an exciting adventure to learn about the achievements of prominent Ukrainians, such as Volodymyr Vernadsky’s doctrine of the “noosphere” and Mykola Amosov’s revolutionary invention of the heart valve. The immersive show about Ukraine is accompanied by music, kinetic installations and special sound effects.




3D masterpieces for the Tomorrowland dance music festival


The Magic Innovations team created 3D motion design for the Ukrainian duo ARTBAT, whose hits top the dance charts and tear up world festivals. In the summer of 2022, our guys were invited to the Tomorrowland dance music festival, which brings together the biggest electronic music stars in the Belgian town of Boom. The non-stop music was bright, but the most memorable performance was that of the ARTBAT band. The Ukrainians played an explosive concert – unlike any other! Everyone present was transported to another dimension, full of perfect music and amazing colors. A unique wreath of sunflowers, life-affirming yellow and blue colors, exquisite embroidery – and all in 3D! The designers carefully thought out each element of the animation, revitalized it and added dynamics to it. Thanks to the magical atmosphere and emotional video content, the audience truly felt what immersive virtual reality is.



An unforgettable multimedia installation for the Holodomor Genocide Museum


The Ukrainian company Magic Innovations has updated the Hall of Memory of the Holodomor Genocide Museum, which is one of the places of mandatory visitation for foreign heads of state. The interactive exhibition solution consists of several parts, which describe the preparations, circumstances, criminal purpose, and terrible consequences of the Holodomor. The digital video of the 3D projection show is combined with physical exhibits of the museum, including a boat, a spinning wheel, and a chest. The multimedia performance resonates in the heart of every participant of the tour, as it tells about one of the greatest tragedies of the Ukrainian nation. Specially selected light, images, and music create a sensitive environment that encourages empathy and feeling of the pain of our ancestors. 

Magic Innovations is a world-class company that creates 3D mapping, projections, augmented reality, 3D animation, 3D scenes, and interactive holograms. Innovative multimedia technologies for immersive virtual reality are already available in Ukraine. They can be used in various fields: culture, business, education, medicine, etc. Professional implementation of creative ideas opens up many opportunities for future development. We are working to create more optimism and beauty!



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