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In the ever-evolving hospitality industry, which includes hotels, restaurants, and cafes (collectively referred to as HoReCa), it’s crucial to provide unique and memorable experiences for your customers. Magic Innovations offers an array of digital solutions for the HoReCa sector in Dubai, such as video content, 3D animations, holograms, 3D mapping, Projection 360, and motion design. Enhance your establishment and create lasting impressions on your guests with our innovative services. Engaging Video Content and 3D Animations for Your HoReCa Business. Transform your hotel, restaurant, or cafe with captivating video content and 3D animations that showcase your brand’s story and engage customers. Magic Innovations specializes in creating high-quality visual content tailored to your establishment’s theme and ambiance, ensuring a truly immersive customer experience.


By integrating interactive entertainment solutions into your hotel, restaurant, or cafe, you can elevate the guest experience and set your establishment apart from the competition. Magic Innovations’ team of experts is dedicated to creating customized, engaging, and memorable interactive experiences that will delight your guests and keep them coming back for more. Contact us today to discuss your project and explore the many ways we can help you create unforgettable experiences for your customers.


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Tesla 3D Projection installation

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Le petit chef at a private party

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Restaurant QUEEN multimedia installation

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Holograms and 3D Mapping for Unique Dining Experiences

Delight your guests with futuristic hologram technology, perfect for showcasing your menu items or promoting special events. Our 3D mapping solutions can project video content onto walls, ceilings, or surfaces, creating a dynamic and visually captivating environment for your customers.

Projection 360 and Motion Design for Immersive Environments

Envelop your guests in a 360-degree visual experience with Projection 360, an innovative technology that projects high-definition content on surfaces to create a fully immersive environment. Complement this with our motion design services, adding movement and depth to your graphics and visuals, ensuring a memorable experience for your guests.

Interactive Entertainment Solutions for Engaging Guest Experiences

Capture the attention of your guests and elevate their experience with interactive entertainment solutions tailored to your HoReCa business. Magic Innovations can design and implement a variety of engaging activities that entertain and immerse your customers in your establishment’s unique atmosphere.

Interactive Digital Games and Quizzes

Keep your guests entertained with customized digital games and quizzes that align with your establishment’s theme and brand identity. Our team of experts can create interactive experiences for touchscreens, tablets, or even projected onto surfaces, providing a fun and engaging way for guests to interact with your venue and each other.

Augmented Reality (AR) Scavenger Hunts and Virtual Tours

Enhance your guests’ experience with exciting augmented reality (AR) scavenger hunts or virtual tours, allowing them to explore your establishment in a whole new way. By integrating AR technology into your venue, you can create interactive elements that encourage guests to engage with their surroundings, learn more about your offerings, and share their experiences on social media, driving further interest in your business.

Live Social Media Integration

Incorporate live social media feeds into your HoReCa establishment to create a dynamic, interactive environment that encourages guests to share their experiences online. By showcasing user-generated content on screens throughout your venue, you can foster a sense of community and inspire guests to engage with your brand, both on-site and through their social networks.

Why Choose Magic Innovations for Your Hospitality Digital Solutions in Dubai?

With a proven track record of success, Magic Innovations is the go-to choice for digital solutions in the HoReCa sector in Dubai. Our team of experts is committed to understanding your business objectives and delivering customized solutions that exceed your expectations. We combine cutting-edge technology with creative expertise to provide you with unique and engaging experiences that set your establishment apart from the competition.


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