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Close your eyes and imagine how you enter the hall where some event will take place. Everything is flooded with bright white light and there are endless presentations. However, passing the doors, you are surprised to find yourself in a place where exotic birds sing. You feel a light breeze and warmth from the sun on your skin.
Looking around, you realize that you are surrounded by supposedly living flowers and shrubs. You seem to find yourself in a colorful forest. But in reality, it is not a real forest. Indeed, with the help of 3d projection mapping from Magic Innovations, guests of the event can be placed in an unusual environment, without doing anything with the usual space.
Does it sound spectacular? The reality looks even more fascinating. Modern 3d projection mapping technology contributes to a fully new way of holding events and presenting products and services. Let’s find out more about the possibilities and chances that it provides to us.
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We create small-sized projection installations and animations video (wall with a relief, sculpture, decoration), most often indoors. Such installations effectively decorate the space, attracting attention and keeping the guest busy watching the action.
Examples of such work can be seen below.



What is 3d video mapping?

3d video projection mapping is the usual broadcasting of an image on a surface using a projector. It can be simple or complex, up to the projection of buildings and industrial landscapes. The main task of mapping is to get rid of ordinary planes.

With the help of modern technologies, the best projection mapping can change the lighting and texture of surfaces, making them interactive and voluminous.

Thus, you can create almost any space that you can imagine using only special tools and no real objects or decorations at all. That is the most amazing thing about this technology.

3d building projection is more expensive than 2D mapping and takes more time to create videos. However, both options can be impressive if your work with experienced professionals like our Magic Innovations team.

Desire vs. Capabilities

If the idea of a 3d projection show has inspired you to do great things, but you don’t know where to start, answer the following questions.

What is your budget?

Based on it, evaluate your capabilities and then set realistic goals for yourself, limiting your creativity to real resources and surfaces.

What are the dimensions of your room?

The larger it is, the more projectors you will need, and the more expensive the entire mapping will be. Focus on the largest and most significant surfaces first. It is best to do mapping in places with the greatest traffic: at the entrance, in the restroom area, in the dining area, and on the stage.

Secondly, the surfaces for the house projection mapping must not be reflective for the image to be projected clearly. In addition, 3d projection mapping on building outdoors is also possible, and it gives a perfect chance to gather lots of people in one place.

The choice in favor of home projection mapping will relieve you of the need to use real decor in the design of the room. It will be replaced by image projections. This will save you the cost of storing and installing all the physical sets and more money for good mapping.

Thus, always take this into account when you plan your budget and compare the two options that you may use – with a light projection mapping or without it.

What are you going to project?

The size and complexity of the image directly affect the cost of 3d video projection. To stay on budget, focus on the little details that catch the human eye. For example, guests are more likely to pay attention to a small interactive video at their table than to a large mirage on the wall.

What stage is your event planning at?

If you have just started preparing, it is advisable to use projection mapping. To have time to think over the budget, creative ambitions, and other delights of projection, plan mapping 4-6 weeks before the event, not later.

Keep in mind that the creation process usually takes a fair amount of time. In addition, on the day of the event, our team will need to bring all the necessary equipment and check that everything will go well. Therefore, proper planned performance is a good way to achieve your aims.

Who can make your ideas a reality?

It is quite expensive to train one of the team members in the tricks of building projection mapping, so it is better to order work from companies specializing in this like our Magic Innovations team. If you use third-party services, always put some time into your plan to check their performance against your goals.

Advantages of hiring our professional team:

  • Video is created faster.
  • It is usually more inventive.
  • High-quality work.

Moreover, you can search for the examples of the work done by well-known studios. Just have a look on our diverse projects for Burj Khalifa! This famous building got several modern designs from the team of creators, and every time, it was a fantastic performance. In addition, you can consider a 3D mapping installation for Dubai Post Office as a great example of work that can be done for your project as well.

As with most event technology, you can spend a lot of money on cool projection mapping, but you really don’t have to. Just carefully select the company for a live projection mapping, compare prices, and ask questions to ding the most suitable option for you.

Inspiration and ideas for digital projection mapping

There are many sources of inspiration for building a video projection. You can start small and project fluttering butterflies onto the walls or a big gorilla chasing you through the woods. In addition, mapping can be interactive. It can be games and puzzles. Everything depends on your imagination.

When you come up with a facade projection mapping or the same thing done indoors, always put yourself in the shoes of your guest who will see your projections. With the right approach, this event technology will impress any of your visitors.

No wonder projection mapping architecture has become so popular and widely spread. It provides us with unique opportunities and helps to create a whole new exciting world around us quickly and at affordable prices. It’s high time to try it together with Magic Innovations and enjoy the result!



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