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Motion design is the process of creating animated graphics. It is a relatively new direction, but each of us has already encountered this type of design in films, commercials, screensavers, and even computer games.
New motion design studios are constantly evolving on the market. However, it is important to trust your ideas and their realization to experienced professionals like our Magic Innovations team. This motion design studio offers a wide range of services including the perfect motion design.
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The list of our services is multifaceted. We have made sure that customers can choose what suits their needs. Pay attention to:



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Tesla 3D Projection installation

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Creative solution for ARTBAT

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Animation for Formula1

More about motion graphics services

Motion design is a type of graphics that brings static images to life. The viewer not only sees the moving picture but also hears the voice acting of the video. The difference between motion design and regular animation and videos is that there is no plot. That is, motion design is not semantic but only complementary graphics.

For example, it can be seen in the menu of computer games or some screen savers in movies or games. This type of design is often used in music videos and commercials. With the help of animation graphics, you can make all kinds of transitions between blocks or complement a simple image on the screen.

What do professionals in a motion graphics studio create?

Have you figured out what motion design is? It is also necessary to understand the basic requirements for such professionals. The following topics and directions are well-known for our experienced creators:

  • Working with composition – the correct arrangement of frames, appropriate format, and linking different frames with the correct sequence.
  • Working with typography – the process of decorating an image, adding expressiveness to content, and choosing a graphic style (modern, classic, gothic, or any other).
  • Working with colors – the general basics of color, the correct selection of shades, color combination, contrast level, brightness, color depth, and saturation.

Where can you find a motion design agency that has an experienced team who provides this service? If you search among well-known studios, you will definitely find Magic Innovations. Our company knows perfectly well how to utilize modern motion graphics and get awesome results.

Our benefits include:

  • Years of experience and many completed successful projects. Our team faced completely different requirements but we know how to deal with them and find suitable solutions that satisfy clients. And we are open to novel trend and technologies, and are ready to combine them if needed.
  • Creativity without borders. Our specialists always work with inspiration and are truly fond of their work and its results as well as our clients. In addition, we are able to find new decisions swiftly together with understanding of their implementation.
  • Affordable pricing. Our clients can always find a suitable solution in terms of cost, time and result.

Our Magic Innovations motion graphics company cooperates with the media industry. For example, in creating short videos with graphics. They are used in business centers, entertainment, and news portals, as well as on the websites of various companies and manufacturers.

With the help of infographics, it is easier to show the production or manufacturing process. For example, companies often resort to our help to show something new and existing. Our creative team has developed the motion graphics commercial for Hubara Foundation Abu Dhabi.

The demand for motion design is still high. The main thing is to find a proper motion graphics agency where one can realize all their ideas. We at Magic Innovations are ready to help you and make your ideas a reality.


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