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Media Facade as the Best Thing for the Greatest Impressions
It is well known that one of the most memorable impressions received by tourists visiting cities such as Dubai, New York, and Hong Kong is the unforgettable colorfulness of building facades when the sun goes down.
No wonder modern technologies like a media facade gained so huge popularity. They allow a previously boring building facade to light up with billions of lights, becoming a huge video screen and a window into the world of media. Let’s discover their benefits.
If you want to order a content for Media Facade, fill out the form or write to us on WhatsApp. Furthermore, we will help with purchase and installation of LED media facade.


We develop content for media facades of any size. We offer projections on houses and rollers for LED screens.



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New Year's show for the largest media facade in the world

Our company created New Year’s LED show for Burj Khalifa in Dubai. 2022 was celebrated by millions of people from all over the world under the show called “Eve of Wonder”
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Media facade for Silpo supermarket

Media facade on the largest screen in Europe, which is located on the facade of the Gulliver shopping center in Kyiv. One of the biggest videos on the facade.
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Berlin Light Festival Award

2nd International Berlin Light Festival! An international jury selected the 10 best video mappings on the theme “Art and Nature” and we were the best.

What is a led media facade?

LED facades are, in fact, large screens. The led mesh facade can be installed both on the entire building along the perimeter and on any specific part of it. Our company has the best software, equipment, and team for creating videos for media facades of non-standard sizes.

Along with advertising, content for the media facade can include announcements of different events, live performances, and other colorful options that will attract the attention of people. For example, our team has created several unforgettable projects on the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa in Dubai. All the building was covered in LED screens providing viewers with seamless colorful pictures.

Benefits of using led media facades from Magic Innovations

The presence of an interactive media façade for a particular building or institution is more of a status indicator than a vital necessity. But it is in the status that the main magnetism for potential consumers lies:

  • People are more likely to go for even the most mundane shopping in a shopping center that attracts with its lights than in the one that is located in their home.
  • It happens because, at the moment of visiting, they feel like a part of the fairy tale that they observe on the digital media facade.

The benefits of media facades for their owners can be safely attributed to the moment of additional earnings from advertisers. This is a huge advertising monitor. All the largest companies and brands will want to place their ad block on it. Thus, the cost of the LED facade will pay for itself very quickly!

Moreover, you can order your unique animation for the media facade that will be created according to your needs and show clear and quality images and videos. Thus, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will create the whole amazing scenario for you and bring the idea to life. Let modern technologies become an incredible part of your life and enjoy the result.


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