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Hologram as a Future. Holograms represent an innovative technology with which you can create a three-dimensional image. 3d hologram technology is popular today for installations, as it creates the effect of the real presence of different objects. They get their fullest life on the screen and provide visitors and viewers with an unforgettable experience and emotions.
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A popular type of installation that helps to create the effect of the presence of unreal objects due to the transparency of the screen, there are holograms peppers gost and on the grid, requires special conditions and most often a complete ZTM. Examples of such works can be seen below.



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Hologram installation for exhibition FEWA

Our team created a holographic installation for the FEWA exhibition
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Hologram truck Magic Innovations

The futuristic hologram show, which was designed by our experts in kinetic art to highlight the client’s product and state-of-the-art technology.

What is a hologram and how is it made?

A hologram means a certain projected image of an object that is used for communication purposes. The founder of holography is the Hungarian physicist D. Gabor, who described this principle in 1947 and introduced the term ‘hologram’ into scientific circulation.

Optical and digital holography is currently the most widespread. In addition, the hologram cost is reasonable.

An interactive hologram is a great tool for different installations, or it can be used for the decoration of a scene. A transparent screen, a grid, or film is utilized as a base, thus helping to achieve the effect of presence and realistic images. To get a really spectacular result, the light is turned off completely, and then, the magic begins inside the darkness.

However, it is important to see real examples to evaluate the profits of this technology to the fullest extent. For instance, our studio has developed a unique hologram box for the Fewa exhibition in Abu Dhabi. The construction was 6×4 meters and was evaluated as one of the most impressive and unforgettable parts of the project.

Ways to use holographic imaging from Magic Innovations

Holograms are one the newest and modern tools. Therefore, the question may arise: how and where to use them, and what are the best ways of their application? Actually there are no limits, and our Magic Innovations studio will help you to make your ideas a perfect reality.

Marketing and advertising

Standard and boring advertising in the form of booklets, videos, banners, pop-up windows, and radio broadcasts no longer attracts a large number of customers. Modern people have learned not to pay attention to all this since this is their usual environment. That is why holographic advertising will be an excellent solution for the successful promotion of a product or service.


For high-quality and rapid development, it is important to interest not only customers but also business partners. In this case, the hologram will also become indispensable because it presents plans and intentions from the best side.

Show business

To surprise the viewer, it is no longer enough to have excellent acting or vocal abilities. Even charisma and colorful costumes will not save. But the video hologram will intrigue you and allow you to create an unforgettable show.


Due to the realism of the image, the necessary object can be viewed from all sides, increasing its individual details. Such accuracy of visualization allows you to get better acquainted with any material, as well as to learn it not only at the level of theory but also in practice.


Obviously, 3D holograms are a great way to spend some personal time because you can touch your favorite character, visualize a concert at home, and also plunge headlong into the virtual world of computer games.

Moreover, hologram price becomes affordable, so they can be widely introduced in our lives. Do not hesitate to try this tool and create an amazing show for your clients or visitors with the help of our professional team. It is great to be the first and get the maximum of the new technology that attracts people and grips their attention to the highest possible extent.


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