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In the competitive world of marketing and product launches, creating a compelling presentation is crucial to capturing the audience’s attention and delivering your message effectively. Innovative multimedia solutions have emerged as powerful tools for achieving these goals, offering a dynamic and engaging way to showcase new products, businesses, or models.



Utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as media facades, 3D animations, 3D mapping installations, and building projections, these solutions transform ordinary presentations into extraordinary experiences. They not only enhance the visual appeal but also provide a deeper level of engagement, making your product stand out in a crowded marketplace.


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Silpo 3D Animation

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VIVO X60 Series Launch

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  • Enhanced Visual Appeal:  visually stunning displays that captivate and engage the audience, making the product presentation more attractive and memorable.
  • Increased Engagement: Interactive elements allow the audience to experience the product in a dynamic and immersive way, fostering a deeper connection and understanding of the product’s features and benefits.
  • Innovative Storytelling: transforming product presentations into compelling narratives that resonate with audiences
  • Versatility: Multimedia solutions can be adapted to various environments and events, from urban settings with media facades to trade shows and exhibitions . This flexibility ensures that presentations can be customized to suit different audiences and venues.
  • Brand Differentiation: By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors, showcasing their products in unique and innovative ways that highlight their commitment to innovation and excellence.
  • Memorable Experiences: The immersive nature of these solutions ensures that the audience remembers the presentation long after the event, helping to reinforce brand awareness and product recall.
  • Comprehensive Demonstration: demonstrate complex product functionalities and design elements, making it easier for the audience to understand and appreciate the product’s unique advantages.
  • Scalability: These solutions can be scaled to fit different sizes and types of presentations, providing flexibility in how the product is showcased.
  • Enhanced Reach: Media facades and building projections can attract a wide audience in urban environments, maximizing the reach and visibility of the product presentation.
  • Increased ROI: The impactful nature of these presentations can lead to higher audience engagement, greater brand recognition, and ultimately, a better return on investment for marketing and promotional efforts.

Solutions for Reaching a Wide Audience

Opting for multimedia solutions for product presentations offers several compelling advantages that can leave a lasting impression on your audience. Enhanced visual impact is a key benefit, as multimedia presentations leverage cutting-edge technologies to create visually stunning and engaging displays. These dynamic visuals capture attention and ensure your product stands out. By transforming ordinary presentations into immersive experiences, multimedia solutions ensure that your audience remembers your product long after the event. 

Complex product features and functionalities can be effectively demonstrated, helping the audience understand and appreciate the product’s benefits more easily. Multimedia solutions also foster greater audience engagement. 

Incorporating these technologies into your product presentations showcases your commitment to innovation and excellence, setting your brand apart from competitors. The immersive nature of these presentations creates a powerful and lasting impact, enhancing brand recall and recognition. By choosing multimedia solutions, you ensure that your product presentation is not only visually appealing but also effectively communicates the product’s unique value and engages the audience on a deeper level.

ROLLS-ROYCE Eid 2017: Installation and Animations

In 2017, Rolls-Royce embraced the spirit of Eid al-Fitr with a breathtaking multimedia installation and animation display in Dubai, blending tradition and innovation to create an unforgettable experience. This captivating presentation featured a “Eid Mubarak” animation adorned with traditional symbols, elegant paying homage to the rich cultural heritage of the region.

The animation began with the “Eid Mubarak” greeting, seamlessly transforming into a crescent moon that majestically rose above the stunning models of Rolls-Royce cars. This symbolic gesture not only celebrated the auspicious occasion but also highlighted the elegance and sophistication of the Rolls-Royce brand. On the opposite side of the facade, an animation of fireworks illuminated the night sky, adding a festive and joyous atmosphere to the installation.

Through this imaginative and culturally resonant display, Rolls-Royce demonstrated its deep appreciation for its customers and the significance of Eid al-Fitr. The installation served as a heartfelt greeting to clients, celebrating a major traditional festival while subtly showcasing the brand’s latest models. This thoughtful blend of cultural respect and brand promotion not only reinforced Rolls-Royce’s commitment to its clientele but also left a lasting impression, reminding everyone of the brand’s timeless elegance and innovative spirit.

Silpo 3D Animation: A Viking-Themed Spectacle in Kyiv

Located at 12 Volodymyr Ivasyuk Avenue, Kyiv, the Silpo supermarket transformed its exterior and interior design into a mesmerizing Viking-themed wonderland. Spanning a total projection surface of 200m², this unique 3D animation project captivated visitors with its imaginative and immersive experience.

The facade of the supermarket featured tall, colorful peaked houses, creating a visually striking entrance. On the first floor, columns were adorned with traditional sweaters depicting reindeer, adding a touch of cozy, festive charm. The second floor transported visitors to the world of Vikings, complete with a dragon-prowed longship and runic inscriptions that evoked the rich cultural heritage of the Norsemen.

In keeping with this theme, the 3D animation was meticulously crafted to celebrate the arrival of spring through Viking symbolism. Natural elements such as blooming flowers, flowing water, and vibrant greenery were artfully integrated into the animation, symbolizing renewal and the reawakening of nature. These elements were woven together to subtly showcase the Silpo brand, reflecting its commitment to quality and freshness.

The Viking-themed animation not only drew attention with its unique and captivating visuals but also enhanced the brand identity of Silpo. By blending traditional Viking elements with modern animation techniques, the installation created a one-of-a-kind experience that left a lasting impression on visitors. This creative approach not only highlighted the distinctiveness of the supermarket but also reinforced the Silpo brand as innovative and customer-centric.

Through this imaginative and culturally rich presentation, Silpo successfully captured the essence of spring and the adventurous spirit of the Vikings, engaging customers and enhancing their shopping experience. The animation stood as a testament to Silpo’s dedication to providing unique and memorable experiences, solidifying its place as a standout brand in the retail landscape.

VIVO X60 Series Launch on the Burj Khalifa

In a spectacular collaboration, VIVO partnered with Magic Innovations to launch the VIVO X60 series on the iconic Burj Khalifa. Magic Innovations played a pivotal role in this grand presentation, utilizing their expertise to create a captivating 1 minute and 30 seconds video that showcased the phone’s features through advanced 3D animation and character animation.

Magic Innovations ensured that the visual experience was complemented by a meticulously crafted musical arrangement and sound design, enhancing the overall impact of the presentation. 

Through this collaboration, we helped VIVO present their new product to a vast audience, leveraging the towering presence of the Burj Khalifa to create a memorable and impactful launch event. This innovative presentation not only showcased the latest technology of the VIVO X60 series but also reinforced the brand’s position as a leading innovator in the smartphone industry. Thanks to Magic Innovations, the launch set a new standard for product presentations, combining cutting-edge technology with breathtaking visuals and sound to create an unforgettable experience.

Solutions for Product Presentation Events

In the competitive world of marketing and product launches, creating an impactful and memorable presentation is crucial for capturing audience attention and effectively communicating your product’s value. Innovative multimedia solutions offer a powerful way to achieve these goals, transforming product presentation events into captivating and engaging experiences. These solutions are essential for businesses aiming to differentiate themselves, highlight their unique offerings, and leave a lasting impression on potential customers, investors, and stakeholders.

Multimedia solutions such as 3D animations, projection mapping, interactive displays, media facades are designed to enhance the visual appeal and engagement of product presentations. These technologies allow businesses to demonstrate complex product features in a clear and compelling manner, making it easier for audiences to understand and appreciate the product’s benefits.

By leveraging these innovative multimedia solutions, businesses can create a powerful and engaging showcase that not only highlights their product’s unique features but also reinforces their brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence. These approaches are suitable for a wide range of industries, from technology and automotive to fashion and consumer goods, and are particularly beneficial for product launches, trade shows, corporate events, and investor presentations.

In summary, multimedia solutions for product presentation events are essential tools for businesses seeking to captivate their audience, communicate their product’s value effectively, and stand out in a competitive market. These solutions enhance the overall impact of product presentations, ensuring they are memorable, engaging, and successful.

Huawei 3D Mapping Installation 2016

In 2016, Huawei showcased its cutting-edge smart home technology through a stunning 3D mapping installation at an exhibition. This impressive presentation was brought to life by the our talented team at Magic Innovations, who were responsible for creating the decorations, video content, and developing the technical solutions necessary for the display.

The centerpiece of the installation was the Huawei Smart House, which demonstrated the seamless integration of smart home technology. The 3D mapping installation vividly illustrated how an entire home can be controlled through a single app, providing total convenience no matter where you are. The more devices you connect, the more capabilities your house acquires, enhancing your living experience significantly.

One of the key features highlighted was the security aspect. The smart house setup ensured the safety of children and pets at all times. An IP camera detected home intrusions and triggered real-time alarms to authorities, providing 24/7 video surveillance with footage stored securely in the cloud. This demonstration emphasized the peace of mind and enhanced security offered by Huawei’s smart home solutions.

The Magic Innovations team expertly executed the entire presentation, combining their technical prowess with creative design to produce a captivating and informative display. Their efforts allowed Huawei to effectively communicate the benefits of their smart home system to a wide audience, leaving a lasting impression of innovation and advanced technology.

Nissan 70th Anniversary Show

To celebrate Nissan’s 70th anniversary, Magic Innovations created an extraordinary 3D mapping show that took digital experiences to a new level. Unlike previous mappings on a single building, this show was projected onto four buildings simultaneously at Riyadh Digital City, showcasing Nissan’s innovative spirit.

Magic Innovations orchestrated a breathtaking spectacle, combining projected images and music across the four buildings. The synchronized content created a unified and mesmerizing display that captivated the audience, making the event unforgettable.

This 3D mapping show proved to be an effective marketing tool. The stunning visuals and engaging performance encouraged viewers to film and share the experience on social media, rapidly spreading awareness of Nissan’s celebration and new product launches.

At the exhibition, Nissan unveiled two new models: the Nissan Patrol and the completely redesigned Nissan Pathfinder. The dynamic 3D mapping presentation helped highlight these new models, capturing the audience’s attention and generating excitement.

Through this innovative approach, Magic Innovations successfully showcased Nissan’s latest products and captivated the audience, reinforcing the brand’s legacy and forward-thinking vision.

Why businesses need solutions for product presentation

Innovative multimedia solutions are essential for attracting audiences and driving sales. By leveraging advanced technologies such as 3D animations, projection mapping, and interactive displays, brands can create captivating and memorable presentations that resonate with their target audience.

These multimedia shows capture audience attention through dynamic and visually stunning presentations. The engaging content encourages social media sharing, amplifying the reach and impact of the event. This organic sharing not only extends the event’s visibility but also enhances brand recognition and attracts new customers.

Effective multimedia presentations communicate product features and benefits in a compelling and easily understandable way. By presenting products through immersive visuals and interactive elements, audiences can better appreciate and engage with the product, leading to increased interest and higher sales. This method of presentation helps to clearly convey the unique selling points of a product, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

In addition to driving sales, multimedia shows help build a strong emotional connection with the audience. This connection fosters brand loyalty, as customers feel more engaged and valued by the brand. The memorable experiences created by these shows ensure that the brand remains top-of-mind long after the event has concluded.

Furthermore, these presentations can be tailored to suit different events and audiences, offering flexibility and versatility. Whether it’s a product launch, a trade show, or a corporate event, multimedia solutions can be adapted to create a consistent and impactful brand message.

Investing in multimedia solutions allows brands to stand out in a competitive market. By creating unique and engaging experiences, brands can effectively capture the hearts and minds of their customers, leading to sustained business growth and success. These innovative approaches not only enhance the visual appeal of presentations but also ensure that the audience is deeply engaged and motivated to act, whether that action is making a purchase, sharing their experience, or becoming loyal brand advocates.

In summary, multimedia shows are a powerful tool for engaging audiences, boosting sales, and fostering brand growth. By utilizing advanced technologies and creative storytelling, brands can create memorable and impactful presentations that drive business success and build lasting connections with their audience.


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