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What is 3d mapping, and why are businesses so interested in introducing it in their practice? 3D or video mapping or projection is an audiovisual three-dimensional projection that considers the spatial geometry of the object being projected.
Buildings collapse and rebuild instantly, birds and alien ships arrive, the wheels of cars spin effortlessly, the buds on the dress bloom, the ball on the football field hits the goal, clouds are on the wall, water is on the floor, stars are on the ceiling – there are multiple examples of the best video mapping products, many of which were created by our Magic Innovations team. All of them are a must-see! So, let’s discover the basics of this technology.
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We create small-sized projection installations (wall with a relief, sculpture, decoration), most often indoors. Such installations effectively decorate the space, attracting attention and keeping the guest busy watching the action.
Examples of such work can be seen below.



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Magic Innovations Showreel 2022

We develop and implement multimedia solutions for agencies, brands, shows and private clients around the world. We have participated in hundreds of projects in 24 countries.
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Burj Khalifa new amazing show

Intrigue, charm and capture the views of thousands of people – this is all about our new project.
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The event took place in the heart of the city in Saudi Arabia. Project was for Maxin10sity. The creation of this amazing show took a month.
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3D Mapping for QUEEN restaurant

Creation of multimedia 3D mapping for restaurant interior
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3D projection for a bar

Our team created an animated video and technical implementation for the interior of the restaurant.
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3d Mapping for Huawei

3d Mapping installation at the Huawei exhibition. The creation of scenery, video content and development.

A brief history of video projection

Small-scale projection mapping has been around for almost forty years, but it has been difficult to develop because it is not cheap and requires good equipment.

The first appearance of this technology in the public space happened at the opening of a new attraction named Ghost Manor in 1969 in Disneyland:

  • Five busts sang in the darkness.
  • The singers were filmed on 16mm film and then projected onto the busts where the faces should be.

Disney owned the first patent in this area, and, therefore, it has given a start to projection mapping companies. General Electric later also patented a similar system for accurately superimposing images of 3D computer models on other objects.

The next interesting video mapping indoor project was presented by Michael Nymark in 1980. First, a video was created in the room with different people, and then, it was projected onto an empty room, and an illusion of presence was made.

Ten years later, thanks to scientists from the University of North Carolina, the idea of extended reality was developed and brought to life. They did their best to create the future office. Based on projections, they managed to create the illusion that people are not in different offices but in one. So, you can find yourself in such a new reality right at your desk.

How projection mapping for events is used

Today, this technology is more than popular. Mapping companies are appearing very swiftly and trying to do their best and create mind-blowing projects. For example, our studio has more than 10 years of experience worldwide, 300 loyal clients, and hundreds of successful mind-blowing projects.

We work with different types of projections. Namely, there are two main directions for 3D mapping:

  1. Small-sized indoor projections. Using such mapping, you can constantly change the interior. Butterflies can fly on the walls or ocean waves splash everywhere. Lively design is a great thing for the owners of cafes, restaurants, and clubs, which attracts attention and helps expand the audience. Such 3D Mapping was done for TODA theatre of digital art.
  2. The locomotive of this trend is the application for architectural purposes, that is, projection onto a building or projection mapping wall. It is the most expensive and visually beautiful direction. For example, you can see whales, ice skaters, giant octopuses, and steaming jungles on the walls around you in the city center. Our team works with different buildings and monuments, such as the Burj Khalifa show that was created for the New Year 2022.

Both interior and architectural 3D mapping provides the greatest chance to transform any place according to the topic of the event. No matter what your location is, the specialists will help you to create the required atmosphere. Realistic animation together with detailed images are more than attractive for the audience due to emotions and experience that they give.


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